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Please, help us by exposing your nice postcards !
Make a cultural contribution! Just scan them and mail to us.
It is free!

1. The pictures must be from before 1950.
2. The pictures must suit the style of the museum.
3. The resolution must be minimum 300 dpi.
4. Always scan the reverse (back) side also, even if nothing is written there. It might help us find out what year it was made and other interesting facts about the card.
5. If you have any commercial or personal interest in it, we can write some text under each of your pictures, for example: "This picture is a contribution from xxx (linked to you)" or "This post-card and others are for sale at....."

Please contact us to publish YOUR post-cards here!
You keep the originals, we just publish your scannings.

Kontaktperson: Stefan Brydolf